QUIPU [Quechua Language Knowledge Graph]

Photo by Elwin

Quechua has been spoken in various countries of South America since the Inca empire was founded (i.e. more than 600 years ago). Nowadays, more than 12 million people speak Quechua around the world and the recent census in Peru has shown an increasing 0.4% in favor of Quechua speakers.

With QUIPU we are trying to create a knowledge graph that can preserve as much as possible all the Quechua knowledge in a structured format. Which has a lot of advantages. For instance, it is possible to create a dictionary in Quechua language using the current Quechua wiktionary, create multimedia content using Quechua-Wikipedia, as well as, it is possible to use all those structured data for creating chatbots with DialogFlow and help old people to keep updated regarding new technologies.

Of course, it is not a straight forward task, but there are possibilities to save our culture and bring equality right to indigenous communities.

Elwin Huaman
Elwin Huaman
Senior Scientist

I am a Computer Scientist, born in a Quechua Community in Peru. I do research, teaching, and project management.