Getting Quechua Closer to Final Users Through Knowledge Graphs


Quechua language and Quechua knowledge gather millions of people around the world, especially in several countries in South America. Unfortunately, there are only a few resources available to Quechua communities, and they are mainly stored in unstructured format. In this paper, the Quechua Knowledge Graph is envisioned and generated as an effort to get Quechua language and knowledge closer to the Quechua communities, researchers, and technology developers. The process model for building the Quechua Knowledge Graph involved its creation, hosting, curation, and deployment phases. Currently, there are 553,636 triples stored in the Quechua Knowledge Graph, which is accessible on the Web, retrievable by machines, and curated by users. To showcase the deployment of the Quechua Knowledge Graph, use cases and future work are described.

International Conference on Information Management and Big Data (SIMBig 2022)