Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs: Past, Present, and Future

Knowledge Graphs: Past, Present, and Future

Knowledge Graph Curation: A Practical Framework

A practical knowledge graph curation framework for improving the quality of KGs

Towards Knowledge Graphs Validation through Weighted Knowledge Sources

A knowledge graph validation approach that computes a confidence score for every triple and instance in a KG

Knowledge Graphs: Methodology, Tools and Selected Use Cases

This book describes methods and tools that empower information providers to build and maintain knowledge graphs, including those for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic construction; implementation; and validation and verification of semantic …

WordLift NG

Improve the way in which our software (WordLift) understands web articles and builds knowledge bases.

QUIPU [Quechua Language Knowledge Graph]

With QUIPU we are trying to create a knowledge graph that can preserve as much as possible all the Quechua knowledge in a structured format.


Knowledge Graph-enabled conversational agents, University of Innsbruck and other partners, Private funding.