A Knowledge Graph Perspective on Knowledge Engineering

We introduce various aspects of the knowledge graphs lifecycle namely creation, hosting, curation and deployment. We define each task, give example approaches from the literature and explain our approach with a running example.

QICHWABASE: A Quechua Language and Knowledge Base for Quechua Communities

We propose QICHWABASE to support the harmonization process of the Quechua language and knowledge, and its community.

WikiAndes [Bringing Wiki Projects to the Andes]

Bringing Wiki Projects to the Andes aims to impart key knowledge onto learners and society at large.

Getting Quechua Closer to Final Users Through Knowledge Graphs

The Qichwabase, is a Knowledge Graph, which is accessible on the Web, retrievable by machines, and curated by Quechua users.

Steps to Knowledge Graphs Quality Assessment

The paper provides an overview of various quality dimensions (QDs) and quality metrics (QMs) that are specific to KGs. Furthermore, we propose a general-purpose, customizable to a domain or task, and practical quality assessment framework for assessing the quality of KGs.

Interactive Search on the Web: The Story So Far

The paper provides an overview of the typical aspects of the studied search services, including process models, data preparation and presentation, common methodologies and categories.

Knowledge Graphs: Past, Present, and Future

Knowledge Graphs: Past, Present, and Future

Knowledge Graph Curation: A Practical Framework

A practical knowledge graph curation framework for improving the quality of KGs

Towards Knowledge Graphs Validation through Weighted Knowledge Sources

A knowledge graph validation approach that computes a confidence score for every triple and instance in a KG

Quechua Wikipidiya Editaton - III

Quechua Wikipidiya Editaton - II